Watching dragonflies

I'm new to this, what do I need to start?

Watching dragonflies and damselflies is a great pastime. It costs nothing but time, it’s relaxing and educational, and you get exercise as a bonus.

Between spring and autumn, if the weather is fine, an hours walk near water will usually involve an encounter with dragonflies at some point. Watching them as they hover and dart, display and hunt, is fun and engaging.

All that’s needed is the will to look and keen eyes. It’s often possible to watch them from quite a close distance, but it’s surprising just how small they are.

Binoculars or a monocular are helpful if you have them, but not essential. If you are buying especially for watching dragonflies and damselflies, go for something that has close-focus ability. Binoculars are always nice to have on a walk in the country: there’s always something just beyond your ability to see it seems.

A good field guide is very handy (or use this site!)

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