Good sites to visit?

Best place to see dragonflies? I’m sometimes asked what is the best site to visit, or which is my favourite? I live in the northern half of the county and my most regular visited sites are Marston Thrift and Felmersham NR. These are both excellent sites for dragonflies. They are both large and peaceful but with quite different environments. Marston […]


Photographing dragonflies Choosing camera equipment I have used many digital cameras over the years, from compact cameras to professional DSLRs. Any modern camera is up to the task of taking photos of dragonflies though, and you needn’t spend a fortune to get good results.  A DSLR or mirrorless camera is the best choice due to its flexibility and ability to […]

Watching dragonflies

I’m new to this, what do I need to start? Watching dragonflies and damselflies is a great pastime. It costs nothing but time, it’s relaxing and educational, and you get exercise as a bonus. Between spring and autumn, if the weather is fine, an hours walk near water will usually involve an encounter with dragonflies at some point. Watching them […]