2023 Dragonfly season

2023 Dragonfly season The dragonfly season is well and truly underway now, with many species on the wing. The weather has been particularly good for dragonflies and damselflies, and I’ve managed to get out with my camera a lot this year. I’m slowly updating pages on the website as time allows and uploading photos I’ve been taking recently. Look out […]

New photos added – Downy Emerald Dragonfly

New photos added I’ve added a couple of new photos of Downy Emerald – Cordulia aenea taken on a recent trip to Sandhouse Lane NR, near Leighton Buzzard DownyEmeralds are fast flyers, don’t settle for long, and can be a challenge to photograph – but they are worth the effort and are striking in appearance, their metallic green body is […]


What does a dragonfly enthusiast do in the off-season? While I’ve been waiting for the start of the dragonfly season, I’ve taken a long look at Bedfordshire Odonata. It’s actually quite an old website and as I mentioned in this post I haven’t always kept it up to date as often as I should have. So, this spring I took […]

New Photos added – Willow Emerald Damselfly

New photos added I’ve added new photos of Willow Emerald Damselfly – Chalcolestes viridis taken recently, mostly at Felmersham NR. This was the first outing for a while, and it was nice to see a new species (new for me at least). Willow Emeralds are a recent colonist to the County, but they are plentiful at Felmersham NR. More photos […]

Back Online

Back online Well it’s been a while but after a long absence, I’ve updated the website. By way of background I had every photographer’s worst nightmare: an IT issue that resulted in me losing many files. Although I had backups these too were damaged; it was a perfect storm of everything failing at the same time. Well the hardest lessons […]