A day at Marston

A day at Marston I spent an enjoyable day exploring Marston Thrift and the surrounding area recently. Marston Thrift is a great place to visit and there is much to see, not just dragonflies. There are several lakes and ponds in the nearby Rectory Wood and Brogborough Landfill site. I often see Broad-bodied Chasers here, and I’ve added some new […]

New photos added – Keeled Skimmer

New photos added I’ve added a few new photos of Keeled Skimmer – Orthetrum coerulescens taken at Sundon Chalk Quarry. Its specialised habitat requirements mean that it’s found at only a few sites, but they are easy to find at Sundon. It’s a fragile site however, and this dragonfly’s continued presence is far from assured. More photos and information on […]

New photos added – Norfolk Hawker

New photos added I’ve added a few new photos of Norfolk Hawker – Aeshna isoceles seen at The Grange Estate near Willington. Once restricted to a few sites in the Norfolk Broads, they are now expanding their range and I’ve seen them regularly at The Grange Estate and also at Felmersham. More photos and information on the Norfolk Hawker – […]

New photos added – Downy Emerald Dragonfly

New photos added I’ve added a couple of new photos of Downy Emerald – Cordulia aenea taken on a recent trip to Sandhouse Lane NR, near Leighton Buzzard DownyEmeralds are fast flyers, don’t settle for long, and can be a challenge to photograph – but they are worth the effort and are striking in appearance, their metallic green body is […]

Good sites to visit?

Best place to see dragonflies? I’m sometimes asked what is the best site to visit, or which is my favourite? I live in the northern half of the county and my most regular visited sites are Marston Thrift and Felmersham NR. These are both excellent sites for dragonflies. They are both large and peaceful but with quite different environments. Marston […]

New Photos added – Willow Emerald Damselfly

New photos added I’ve added new photos of Willow Emerald Damselfly – Chalcolestes viridis taken recently, mostly at Felmersham NR. This was the first outing for a while, and it was nice to see a new species (new for me at least). Willow Emeralds are a recent colonist to the County, but they are plentiful at Felmersham NR. More photos […]