What does a dragonfly enthusiast do in the off-season?

While I’ve been waiting for the start of the dragonfly season, I’ve taken a long look at Bedfordshire Odonata. It’s actually quite an old website and as I mentioned in this post I haven’t always kept it up to date as often as I should have.

So, this spring I took the opportunity to thoroughly revise all of the content and I’ve added new articles and posts, and corrected any errors I could find. 

I’ve done major updates to the life cycle, reproduction, and feeding and predation pages, and added a completely new section covering the larval stages. I’ve also updated all of the species accounts to add sections on lookalikes, and updated the distribution details with up to date information.

Also overdue was moving the website to a new and faster server. After many years with my old provider I’ve switched hosting companies and I’m confident this will make it a less frustrating visit.