Good sites to visit?

Best place to see dragonflies?

I’m sometimes asked what is the best site to visit, or which is my favourite?

I live in the northern half of the county and my most regular visited sites are Marston Thrift and Felmersham NR. These are both excellent sites for dragonflies. They are both large and peaceful but with quite different environments.

Marston Thrift is a large wood, with several small ponds, and a larger lake nearby outside of the woods. It supports a surprising number of species. It’s set on a hill though, and a long day there can be hard work.

Felmersham is an old gravel pit, and now comprises of several large lakes surrounded by woodlands and meadows. It’s one of the best sites in the region and has a great variety of species.

Both sites are a good day out if making a special journey. The Finger Lakes at Priory CP in Bedford is easier to access, with other facilities nearby. Any walk along a river is worthwhile, there’s nearly always something to see between spring and autumn.

Let me know what your favourite sites are.